NanoMPI Presents: Diamondized™ 3D Printer Nozzles


You use wood, metal, fiber filled PLA. It wreaks havoc with your printer nozzle. Your print quality isn’t what you want. You need The Doctor!

Filler materials that have the properties necessary to alter the base plastic add abrasive properties which, over time, produce damage by erosion of the extrusion orifice of the nozzle. This erosion changes the diameter of the extrusion orifice. Once the diameter of the extrusion orifice has changed it is no longer possible to continue additive manufacturing at the precision or performance level desired. Your project no longer looks like what you imagined!

Filler materials can cause erosion or clogging of the nozzle when printing at or near the extreme quality limit of your printer. This may turn a 15-hour print into a 15-hour mess. Just what you needed returning in a few hours to check on your print and it’s just not happening. Valuable materials are wasted not to mention the clean-up and restart effort!


Nano Materials and Processes, Inc. (NanoMPI) has a proven process for protecting metals used in high stress and abrasive applications. It adds a MOH=10 surface of nanodiamonds (“ND”) to the metal. NanoMPI has delivered this strategy in commercial and manufacturing applications for over 15 years. Application of ND modified chrome increases the life of the tools by about 10 fold. NanoMPI has adapted this coating process to 3D printer nozzles.

NanoMPI started with the non-stick polymer used in cookware and infused it with our 8th generation detonation nanodiamond crystals. The printer nozzles were coated inside and out. They were then tested at two universities in Europe for nearly six months. Success! (Learn more by downloading our white paper.)

Nozzles are tested by measuring the extrusion. DIAMONDIZED™ NOZZLES show no change in extrusion throughout the lifecycle. DIAMONDIZED™ NOZZLES have better thermodynamics characterized by minimal temperature drift or overshot on heat-up. Print performance is smoother and cleaner with less drag and rare clogging. Receive high quality results even with lower grades of PLA. Easy nozzle maintenance: simply wipe the hot nozzle with a paper towel.

DIAMONDIZED™ 3D NOZZLES deliver superior performance over even premium nozzles, with greater precision and extended life. They deliver outstanding performance with both abrasive and standard materials.


NanoMPI Diamondized™ 3D printer nozzles with nanodiamond thin film coating are currently available in the following configurations and output orifices:

  • E3D V5, 0.2 mm (can substitute for V6 with adjustment)
  • E3D V5, 0.4 mm (can substitute for V6 with adjustment)
  • MK8, 0.2 mm
  • MK8, 0.4 mm

Custom coating is available for other sizes including most sizes used in manufacturing. Contact us for a quotation.

Guarantee: Diamondized™ nozzles are guaranteed for two-years including a minimum of 15 kg of non-filled PLA or 3 kg of 30% carbon PTEG.

With their long life and exceptional performance, DIAMONDIZED™ 3D NOZZLES cost only a fraction of the cost of utilizing standard or premium nozzles. See the comparison in our white paper.


Nano Materials & Processes, Inc (NanoMPI) is a pioneer in the production, refining, and application of detonation synthesis nanodiamond crystals with nearly 20 years of experience.

A Michigan corporation, NanoMPI is U.S. based and owned jointly by its founders and Sinta S.P.E., the world leader in the production and application of detonation nanodiamonds. To learn more please visit our parent website: